Vigyan Jyoti Workshop


Women in India have incredible educational qualifications, but they end up being at home. This situation can change when we as a society take charge to overcome the problems. Our country cannot afford to drop such a huge workforce. Concerted efforts are needed at all levels. Most important is focused interventions during the early years of education of women to instil the strength not to surrender the education and career in STEM due to external pressures. The department of science and technology (DST) has started an initiative for young girl students to promote these girls in science and technology. We started this initiative in IIT Mandi campus and conducted a 15 days workshop under the DST pilot project known as ‘Vigyan Jyoti’. We have selected 29 girl students of HP Board from across the state with excellent academic background and with their interest in science and technology. During this 15 day workshop, we motivated them to pursue their career in the Science &Technology field and, in a subtle way, provide them directions to choose their career. We exposed girl students to all possible areas of science, while also explaining the society based relevance of the individual fields. The overall goal of this workshop was to plant dreams in the participant’s mind about their future and career in S&T.